iOS App Review : LostWinds2:Winter of the Melodias

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If you are bored and have a plenty of times to spared, if you in need of a challenging games with a good graphic, if you are a side scrolling game fan. I do suggest you to play this games. I must warn you, this game is addictive. In short this game has: Smooth animation. […]

Jailbreak Must Install Apps

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Latest news regarding iOS 5.0.1 is that you can jailbreak the A4 iDevices. Thank you to Pod2g for making it possible (donate to him here!). We are still waiting for the A5 hack for this same iOS, up until now there are few hacker/developer is doing their best to hack it for our interests. Well, […]

Wifi Analyzer – A must tool for Network Engineers.

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No apps can do a better job in analyzing Wifi Signal other than Wifi Analyzer. It is similar to the Android apps, and you can also say that it is similar to a Windows based Inssider. Once install, you will be able to visually check WiFi signal strength, radio channel, the MAC address of the AP. It […]

IOS data loss during Backup-Restore

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I recently did a backup and restore of an iPhone. It was supposed to be a simple IOS upgrade, from version 4.3 to version 5.0.1. But something went wrong an error –code 14, and I have to do an IOS restore rather than update. I thought that I would be safe as my data has […]