Heat Run

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Project TNF, Day 4. 103 days left The furthest I ran so far these few days is 4.5km. Still its a walk run thing. Manage to explore new 3km route from SS19-SS17 route. I believe running is something that you can do anywhere, don’t need to travel just to find specific route. I have been a […]

Countdown to TNF Australia 2015

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It’s 230 in the morning and I can’t wait to update my blog. Yes, update it. It has been a very long time since I update or write anything interesting in this page. Have been paying for the domain and the hosting but doing nothing on it. Motivation. It is all about motivation. It is […]

NIKE+ Sportwatch GPS

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It has been few years since Nike released the Sportband, the product that can measure runners speed and distance with out the need for an Ipod, now Nike (with Tom Tom) released another  new great product which is called Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. Basically it is like the previous Sportband, but with GPS feature. You can track speed,...

Trail run in FRIM

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I haven’t been running with a group for quite some time now. I do it’s since after my Ironman race, most of the times I ran alone, sometimes with my girlfriend (now turning fiancé) or just sometimes with Kash, but It’s been a long time since I run with a group. Today marks the first […]

The side effect of soft/carbonated drinks and aspartame to your body

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Soft Drinks I am a big fan of carbonated drinks, especially Diet/Light Coke and Pepsi Max (0 Calorie drinks).  It is more precise to say that I am addicted to it even though I know how dangerous it is. Mainly the cause of the problem is Aspartame, which is the artificial sweetener that is being […]