Project TNF, Day 4.

103 days left

The furthest I ran so far these few days is 4.5km. Still its a walk run thing.¬†Manage to explore new 3km route from SS19-SS17 route. I believe running is something that you can do anywhere, don’t need to travel just to find specific route. I have been a schmuck to myself since I lived in Subang Jaya, believing that this area is not good for running. I have to blame myself for not having the motivation to run or to explore the area.

I still have a lot to relearn about running, diet, the biomechanics of human body (me). This time around I am not running to shed weight, instead I am building stamina / endurance. This time around my diet is not because I want to shed weight, but to perform in my running, energy expenditure and recovery.

ss19-ss17 3km route