It’s 230 in the morning and I can’t wait to update my blog. Yes, update it. It has been a very long time since I update or write anything interesting in this page. Have been paying for the domain and the hosting but doing nothing on it.

Motivation. It is all about motivation. It is what drives us to do anything, it is the reason for us to move, and in this case it is the reason for me to write and run. Yes, Run.

TNF 100 Australia

Today I have been blessed with a surge of motivation to Run. I have just sent an email to the management on TNF Australia for me to enter the 50km race. It is a bit last minute for me to register, I can only write and ask to be put in the waiting list and wait eagerly.

Nevertheless, I am super excited about the race and trip to Australia. I am so excited that I ran during night time here in Subang Jaya (haven’t been running night time due to fear of stray dogs), but fuck it, I’m going to build up my stamina.

Day 1 – 2.5km.

And now I can’t wait for 630 in the morning for me to run another 5km.

Rashid – a 107kg bloke who wanted to weigh down until 70 kg and run 50km of trail in Sydney. Oh Yeah!!

Welcome Back ME!