Hi All,

I’m sure right about now, many people out there wanted to install Windows 8. The cheapest so far is $39.99. But there is a way to get it at a cheaper price, at $14. How?

1. You go to this link http://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/

2. Choose your country, in my case – Malaysia.

3. Click Continue.

4. Key in the system that you just purchase a new PC – create what ever model or brand. And make sure the buy is within these 2 months. As for me;

  • PC Brand I choose – Other.
  • Name of Retailer – Kuala Lumpur Computer Shop.
  • Brand -¬†Anything Goes
  • You can follow my date of purcase.


5. Key in the Secure Code and continue.

6. You will get this success page. It is stated that they will send the coupon code to your email.


7. Check your E-Mail for your Promo Code.

8. Use the promo code in the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. There will be a point that you need to buy a $39.99 upgrade. There will be a column for promo code. Once you key in the promo code, the price will be $14.

windows 8 upgrade price

windows 8 promo code

windows 8 upgrade assistant promo code