If you are bored and have a plenty of times to spared, if you in need of a challenging games with a good graphic, if you are a side scrolling game fan. I do suggest you to play this games. I must warn you, this game is addictive.

In short this game has:

  • Smooth animation.
  • Fun game play.
  • Rich storyline.
  • Cute character.
  • Relaxing soundtrack.

You might not like it because :

  • It is tiring to travel from one place to one place. Since you have to go back and forth from one point of the map to another point of the map several times.

Basically you are Toku. A young boy whose mission is to save his mother, Magdi. Toku main weapon or advantage in this game is able to control the wind, either to travel around or to solve some number of cleverly devised puzzle.

Developed by Frontier Developments Ltd. It was originally a game for Wii before it is ported to iOS. It is currently available for iPad (3.99USD) and iPhone or iPod Touch (0.99USD).