Bored with your same old WhatsApp tones? This is how you can customized it.

You will need 2 apps.
1. Ifunbox (
2. Plist editor (

1. Open up iPhone Explorer (ifunbox)
2. Browse User Applications/whatsapp/
3. Browse into User Applications/whatsapp/ (picture)

4. Edit PushSounds.plist by using Plist editor.
4.1. Download the PushSounds.plist to desktop.
4.2. Open PushSounds.plist using Plist Editor. We need to add/modify the highlighted area.

Among default tones in Whatsapp


A new tones that I have added - Mario Dead



4.3. Save then upload and overwrite the old file.
4.4. Copy the sound file to User Applications/whatsapp/


new tones added



Rename audio files.

These steps only tested on mp3 files. Simply rename the .mp3 extension to .caf.

As bonus, I have uploaded few Mario Bros tones into my server, feel free to download. I also did a template of the lines that you need to add into the PushSounds.plist.

Template (Remember to change what is necessary)



Right click and choose Save As / Save Link As