I recently did a backup and restore of an iPhone. It was supposed to be a simple IOS upgrade, from version 4.3 to version 5.0.1. But something went wrong an error –code 14, and I have to do an IOS restore rather than update. I thought that I would be safe as my data has been backed up, but I was wrong, big time!

It turns out to be that it backs up everything, but it only restores personal data which consist of photo, calendars, messages, emails and notes. No applications were restored. You are needed to install the software by yourself and if you are lucky, the data will be there but in my case, I am not that lucky, I lost the data of one of my crucial data application. Well, in this case, the application is iBearsoft Money Free 4.0.

I screwed up.

Lucky for me that I did the backup, I tried to restore it again. It still fails; the best thing is that in AppStore, the latest version of that application is 6.0.2. Totally new GUI!

After few hours of trial and errors, this is the solution to my problem, and we need a jailbroken phone.

Like I said earlier, I manage to back up the data. And so, I used an IOS backup data extractor (ReincubatBackup Data Extractor), select the backup – then select expert mode – I extract the data files of the applications.

Choose Expert Mode

IOS Application Directory

Extract Needed Application

Then you need a jail broken iPhone.

Why? Because you need to reinstall that software with the right version, lucky for us, we have Installous.

In my case, I need back the iBearsoft Money version 4.0.1.

After you reinstall the software, you need software to explore the iPhone. It is called iFunBox. There you will need to search for the application directory and overwrite the files.

Overwrite Necessary Data using iFunBox

Before you know it, you got the data back again.

Note to everybody – Backup, backup and backup your data!