Have you ever have a problem where in certain area at your house you can’t get a good signal, some more if you live in a 2 storey house, you can’t get a good or no signal at the ground floor. Well, these is some hardware that you can use to rectify the problem.

1.Wireless Repeater/Wireless Extender.
This documentation is to set up TP-LINK WA901N (RM140) as a Universal Repeater: http://bit.ly/nwxCro . Other product that can be used is Aztech Wireless Extender – WL556E (RM150).

Network over power line, read more at this website: http://bit.ly/qBRj63 . Aztech is one famous product for Homeplug networking here in Malaysia. There are risks with this method, where by if the user’s house wiring is quite old; the chances of getting good signal are low. A lot of circuit breakers also contribute to low quality signal. It’s an expensive and risky solution.

3.Wireless Bridge.
This is a method where you connect to wireless connection together. It is complicated as you need to some configuration on the device. Nowadays, company such as TP-Link made their router Wireless Bridge/WDS enable, which makes it easier to configure.
If you have extra cash, you can always buy a gadget such as D-Link DAP 1562 Media Streaming Kit (250USD in EBay – Makes it around RM781 excluding shipping).
More reading - http://bit.ly/1355vk
Video reference – http://bit.ly/p5AzFV

There you go, some solution for your networking issues. Happy Networking!!