USB drives are small and light, thus it is easy to be misplaced, lost and even worse stolen. Nowadays USB (Flash) drives are being created in a bigger storage capacity then when it was first introduced; the maximum right now is 32 GB. Means more data needed to be protect. One of the free software that can be used to encrypt is TrueCrypt.

Users need to know before hand, that this software is needed to be installed in every computer that will be used to encrypt (of course) and decrypt the flash drive. Most of the encryption software out there will install a miniature version of the parent software into the flash drive, so that when the user plugged in the flash drive, the software inside can decrypt the drive. But not this software

Open up TrueCrypt, select Create Volume

Select the second option for Encrypt A Non System Partition/Drive

Choose a Standard TrueCrypt Volume

Click Select Device

The highlighted device is the USB Drive, it can be any name or any size depends on the user’s drive

Click the first option if the user has an empty drive, choose the second option if the user already have information in the drive. But in this case, we will choose the first option.

In this page user can choose any encryption that they want. By default the software will use the AES encryption.

Nothing special on this windows other than to verify the size of the USB Drive.

Set in the password, it is recommended to use a combination of alphanumeric and use more than 10 characters.

In this windows, the software will determine whether the drive will be formatted to NTFS(to store file larger than 4GB) or Fat32(to store file less than 4GB).

Click Format to proceed.

Congratulation, you have encrypt the USB Drive.