This website is currently being hosted at Godaddy. It was hosted at Embunweb before, but for the sake of experimenting with various hosting company, we have decided to change to an overseas hosting company. The pro’s so far is that Godaddy is way cheaper than any Malaysia hosting, currently I am using Deluxe package (Economy Package can only support 1 domain only) and the price is around 293 MYR, they offered a 150 GB of space, installation of WordPress, and other blog service, and unlimited bandwidth. Where else in Embunweb, the package is 249MYR, with the size of 30 GB of space and 75 GB worth of bandwidth.

The other difference is that Godaddy only allowed 25 domain aliases, where else Embunweb gives you unlimited domain alias, and Godaddy doesn’t come with email services. And also, if you are familiar with Cpanel interface, you might be feeling a bit problematic running on Godaddy, as they provide different kind of interface, you just need to play around and learn a bit to familiarize.

Yes, Godaddy is cheap, but it is far (USA vs Malaysia), if you have urgent matter, you can’t call them, the best thing is email them, which the support reply will be late, that is the only problem so far.