IPAD 2 was released in Malaysia on 29th April 2011; it’s about the same day as Singapore’s release date. Who would’ve known that it will be release this fast. Compared to the first IPAD, this is like few months earlier (the first IPAD was officially launched in Malaysia 6 month after it was released in the US).

People were spotted queuing up at Machines and Switch. Wilson from www.ipadmalaysialab.com was spotted at Machines Midvalley 12 hours before (10 PM 28th April) the shop opening time.

Wilson Chin

Wilson Chin from ipadmalaysialab - First person to que up

IPAD 2 was sold off, completely out of stock 2 hours after it was launched, and the latest stock is in 2 week time.

Long queue in Midvalley

Image – www.lowyat.net