iPad 2 are not officially here in Malaysia yet. It is available via the grey market, but the price are expensive, overprice, overkill (most of the grey market price is extra 1000 Ringgit from the official price). I know some of you can’t afford to wait, and we don’t know for sure when iPad 2 will be available here in Malaysia officially. Rumours are that it will be available maybe in June. But can you wait?

There is a solution for you guys who can’t wait and wanted a good affordable price iPad2. Few options are available.

  1. Buy through HopShopGo. It is a company which provide a service where buy you can buy stuff from the US (some online site doesn’t ship to Malaysia) and then ship it to Malaysia (with some processing fee and of course shipping charge). You just need a credit card and a Paypal account, and then you need to register with the website.
  • Login to the website, key in Apple on the ‘hop to’ search bar.
  • Choose BuyForMe later in the popup. What it does is that, they (HopShopGo) will use their credit card or any America credit card to make the purchase (most of website/online shopping in the US doesn’t accept foreign credit cards).
  • HopShopGo will notify you when the iPad2 reach their office, and they will ship it to your house address. Done.
  • The damage is only 7% of the Ipad price + Shipping roughly around 30USD (90MYR). After adding up the charge, it is waaay cheap than the grey market price.
  • You might need to wait 2-3 weeks, maybe a month for you to get the iPad 2 to Malaysia. If you are lucky, maybe you need to wait around 1 week.


  1. Wait and buy at Singapore (since iPad 2 was announced that it will be release in April for Singapore). As Malaysian, if you go and buy there, you can request/claim for (GST) tax exemption. You still saves a lot more, even after calculate in the transportation fee.

So there you have it, some ways to get the iPad 2 at an affordable price.