It has been few years since Nike released the Sportband, the product that can measure runners speed and distance with out the need for an Ipod, now Nike (with Tom Tom) released another  new great product which is called Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. Basically it is like the previous Sportband, but with GPS feature. You can track speed, distance, calories, heart beat per minute and best of all, when you upload the data into the Nike+ server, it even shows map where you run. Think it as one of those Garmin products, but it is cheaper and cooler design (and less complicated too). Based on the report from Engadget the price is 199USD, compared to Garmin Forerunner 310xt which is 350USD.

Even though many website claims that this product is on sale, I haven’t personally found any site selling it yet. Do hope that I can buy it and review it myself.

For time being, enjoy this video.