Iconia Tab – Slowness Redefine

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Acer Iconia Tab was released in Malaysia in the recent PIKOM PC Fair in KL Convention Centre (16th April 2011). Packed with a Windows 7 Home Premium, a new player in Tablet war, which is not so impressive after all. This 10.1″ tablet comes preinstalled with a Windows 7 Home Premium, which is quite heavy […]

How to buy an iPad2 affordably

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iPad 2 are not officially here in Malaysia yet. It is available via the grey market, but the price are expensive, overprice, overkill (most of the grey market price is extra 1000 Ringgit from the official price). I know some of you can’t afford to wait, and we don’t know for sure when iPad 2 […]

Technorati Code – Claim my blog

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RIM Playbook Release Date

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  RIM Playbook will make its debut in US and Canada on April 19th 2011. Price will start at 499USD (16GB), matching up their rival – the iPad. It will come in 3 size/price; 499USD for 16GB, 599USD for 32GB and 699USD for 64GB. Each will come with WIFI only, you will need to tether […]

NIKE+ Sportwatch GPS

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It has been few years since Nike released the Sportband, the product that can measure runners speed and distance with out the need for an Ipod, now Nike (with Tom Tom) released another  new great product which is called Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. Basically it is like the previous Sportband, but with GPS feature. You can track speed,...