iPad 2 was launch in 24 different countries on 25th March 2011. The anticipation was supremely good as people were spotted queuing at the Apple Store in respected countries (as reported in 9t05mac.com).

Figure 1- People lining up of iPad 2 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Figure 2 – People lining up at Hungary

Figure 3 – People lining up at Australia

Figure 4 – Line at London

Figure 5 – iPad 2 line in Paris


The online store also is up, but as most countries, the shipment is within 3-4 weeks.

Well, just for comparison, this is a table, which I found in an Italian website (http://www.setteb.it). So far, US price is the cheapest for iPad 2, but like last time Malaysia holds the record for cheapest price for iPad 2. So just wait for the Singapore release in April for anybody who can’t wait for the iPad 2. Grey market is just too expensive. – Do click on the link to get to full size picture of the comparison.

Figure 6 – iPad2 Price Comparison