It’s raining, somehow in this year, or I think since last year, I can’t recall a single week without raining; it has been raining a lot. Global warming effect I assume, the weather just being haywire.

Lucky for me, I am able to run for 3km, not as far as I use to run, but hey, I am not complaining. As of now, I am trying another method on restore a Snow Leopard DMG file onto a USB using Windows, am trying this software called Transmac. I just stumble into it this morning, while searching for an alternative rather than using a Mac to do a DMG USB Restore. Why? It’s because I don’t have a Mac, I sold mine to a MMU Student.

Figure 1-DMG to USB Restore using Disk Utility

I did do a USB restore at my fiancĂ©’s house yesterday, using her mac, using her retail Leopard Mac OS X. Well, you can boot it into a Mac OS Installer, but you can’t install it, why? Because somehow that retail disc is tied to a specific model, which is a MBP 17″ 2009 model, and the Macbook that I am trying to repair is a different model of Mac – MacBook (Black)C2D 2009. So yeah, I am stuck..again.

I have been stuck since last Saturday, since I got the Macbook from a friend of mine. The main issue is the hard disk drive is out of order. Well, changing the hard disk is a no brainer. You just browse around, looking for tutorial, even better, go search at YouTube on how to do it. I think you can found most of everything in the net nowadays, Google Power eh.

Anyhow, like I said, I have changed the hard disk, next step is to burn the DVD and run the Snow Leopard installer, the first disc was sacrificed because of my stupidity (don’t want to talk about it), and I got another DVD Dual Layer on the next day(Sunday) (which cost me another RM10). Manage to burn it properly but somehow I still can’t install the damn OS. I tried another OS (Windows XP), trying to install, but the same thing happened; it just can’t detect the disc. Wow, so I just waste 2 DVD to learn that the Macbook DVD/SuperDrive is also broken. That’s where I come to a conclusion where I need to boot from a USB. The first attempt failed last night, where the installer keep popping up ” Mac OS X cannot be install in this computer”, there is no solution rather than buy a retail out of the box OS, which it is not tied to a specific model of Mac.

So right now, I am still do a DMG to USB restore using the Transmac, just hope that it does work.