It’s Thursday, I know it’s nothing to be shouting about. It’s just a day, or it’s just another day. Yeah.

Well, tomorrow there will be a relocation of servers at one of my company’s branch in KL. We need to relocate it from second floor Data Centre (DC), to the new DC in the first floor, and it is Friday. While other people are getting ready for their weekend, I and some other guys will be working hard throughout the night up until Saturday morning. Well, I just learnt that my shift starts from 8pm until 7am. I will be working like what? 23 hours! I will be working in the day time (830-530), and then continue with the night time relocation.

Earlier this week, the same thing happened to me. I have to work like 23 hours nonstop. I started working from Sunday 7PM, and end up at Monday 6PM. That was just the cable relocation. 400 network cables just to be exact.

This is one hell of a tiring week for me. I didn’t even went to the bootcamp this week, hell I didn’t even exercise as much as I used to. I am just so tired.