I am currently using MS Word 2010, and I just learnt that it can be a desktop blogging editor. Somehow I stumbled into this feature when I want to create new documents. There’s an option for new blog post.

Blog Post


After reading some documents on the internet, I got to learn that MS Word 2010, support these providers for their built in blog editor:

  1. Windows Live Spaces     http://spaces.live.com
  2. Community Server     http://www.communityserver.com
  3. WordPress     http://www.wordpress.com
  4. Blogger     http://www.blogger.com
  5. TypePad     http://www.typepad.com

It will ask for the publishing configuration (for first time user, or to add new blog). Especially for self-hosted WordPress user, make sure you turn on the Remote Publishing option. It is located in Settings – Writings. If not, you will not able to register your account in MS Word.