iPad 2 Worldwide Launch and Price Comparison

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iPad 2 was launch in 24 different countries on 25th March 2011. The anticipation was supremely good as people were spotted queuing at the Apple Store in respected countries (as reported in 9t05mac.com). Figure 1- People lining up of iPad 2 in Gothenburg, Sweden Figure 2 – People lining up at Hungary Figure 3 – […]

iPad 2 Malaysia

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Ipad 2 will be released in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea in April. There is no news yet on when is the date, or on the pricing. There’s news that Apple will increase the price due to stock or parts limitation caused by the tsunami/earthquake crisis in Japan. Parts that is being affected is NAND […]

Tips / Guides on Installing Mac OS using DVD and external drive (USB, HDD)

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This tips will come in handy when you are about to install a Mac OS, either Leopard or Snow Leopard on a Mac without the original disc and or with the DVD/Super Drive is out-of-order. Reminder: You can’t use the disc that come with a certain model of a Mac and install it in another […]

Mac oh Mac!

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It’s raining, somehow in this year, or I think since last year, I can’t recall a single week without raining; it has been raining a lot. Global warming effect I assume, the weather just being haywire. Lucky for me, I am able to run for 3km, not as far as I use to run, but […]

Blog Desktop Editor

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I am currently using MS Word 2010, and I just learnt that it can be a desktop blogging editor. Somehow I stumbled into this feature when I want to create new documents. There’s an option for new blog post.   After reading some documents on the internet, I got to learn that MS Word 2010, […]

Helluva Tiring Week

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It’s Thursday, I know it’s nothing to be shouting about. It’s just a day, or it’s just another day. Yeah. Well, tomorrow there will be a relocation of servers at one of my company’s branch in KL. We need to relocate it from second floor Data Centre (DC), to the new DC in the first […]