It’s been a while since I didn’t update anything in here. The blame is on me; it’s either that I am too busy, too tired or too lazy to blog. And like my fiancée said before this, if I’m keep on changing domain name, how can I get readers? Point taken, she is right. But I think this time it does sound right, it does sound “me”.

Up until right now, I have just installed a plugin called Postie.  It is a plugin where by you can upload a post by email. Set an email for this dedicated task, you send the post to this email, the plugin will always check the mailbox of that email, and it will post it up in your blog. Nice eh.

Just make sure that you create a unique name for the email address, alphanumerical perhaps. And always check on your blog. You will never know when a spam got posted out.

The reason why I am doing this is because of my phone. I just recently bought a good condition second hand Nokia E72. Later that I learn that Nokia no longer develop the WordPress application for Symbian v3 phone. I heard that it was buggy?

There was last time when I’m using an E71, which at that time I can still use the WordPress application to post to my blog. I am quite frustrated when I learn that the application no longer exists.

It is hard when Symbian is the less popular OS for phones (IOS and Android are the top phone OS). And now I heard that Nokia will be using Microsoft’s OS in their phone. Would love to see Windows Phone 7 in Nokia N8.