I am at my hometown somewhere in Ipoh while I’m writing this post, having been here for 3 days (since Thursday). It’s a long holiday because due to the Chinese New Year. It’s been ages since I went back hometown. I even skip Eidul Fitri this year. I think the last time when I was here is somewhere in 2009.

The place has change a lot, few new buildings here and there. Most of it is near to the Jusco Kinta City area, I consider it the outskirt of Ipoh. Lucky for me, the road doesn’t change at all. The same road headed to the same way.

The main purpose for this visit to Ipoh is to do two things:

  1. Clean up our house here in Bercham;
  2. And meet the caterer for my wedding, to discuss about the menu, tent and tables arrangement.

I am supposed to be getting back to KL today though. At least that is the plan; I do miss my fiancée though.

 As for me, I didn’t do anything much. Just did my runs at Polo Field (Pusat Rekreasi Azlan Shah). Yesterday manage to do a 5km run, sorry Wendy, I didn’t notice you yesterday. And for today I manage to do a 7km run, 2km in the Polo Field, and another 5km is from Polo Field to Stadium Ipoh, my family went to the Stadium for a morning market (Pasar Tani), so my dad ask me to run there instead, meet them there.

The rest of the day is still a mystery for me. As I said earlier, the plan was to go back to KL by today, but it is all subjected to changes. I am crossing my finger hard.