I haven’t been running with a group for quite some time now. I do it’s since after my Ironman race, most of the times I ran alone, sometimes with my girlfriend (now turning fiancé) or just sometimes with Kash, but It’s been a long time since I run with a group.

Today marks the first time I did a trail run in FRIM, and first time in 2011 (after so long not running in a group) running in a group. I thought that I will only run with Kash as she didn’t mention anything regarding other runners (Kash, I have to blame you on this). But it is a great morning workout, great catching up with my running buddies (and try to catching up with them).

Met Kam and Bandit at the car park where I’m supposed to meet Kash (Kash running late about half an hour – overslept), then later on Stupe (he’s doing a ride today as he mistakenly assume that Bandit also will be riding) and 2 other new (runner) friends Shah and Daniel.

The run starts at 0730 instead of 0700. The track overall was a mix up, 10% tarmac and 90% trail, some parts are flat, most part are hilly, and some other part are quite steep (steroid Hill).  Mostly I manage to run and keep up with the group, some part (which I can say 10%) of the course, I did walk with Kash.  Overall the run was nice and refreshing, as Bandit would say, out of the norm. And may I add up, that running in FRIM doesn’t feeling like running in Malaysia. Somehow I remembered Portland as few of the trees does look the same.

The course is around 10km and we manage to cover it within 2 hours. At the early part of the run, my thigh was quite pumped; it was so hard that it does cause some difficulties for me to run. Later on I manage to run as per usual, but to catch up with Kam and Shah is quite hard (but manageable) given the current status of my fitness.

It is fun, and I do hope I will join a lot of group running after this. After all it does give me reason to start being serious in running back again.

Somehow as I am typing this, I have sore on my back as oppose to my legs. I am just confused.