I (my dad) am a long time Astro subscriber and right now we are having problem with getting signals on some channel. So far, we can only watch National Geography and Discovery Channel, not that we are complaining, but what is the purpose of paying them but we can’t watch any other channel that we subscribe.
And so few weeks back, I called the customer service to report in the problem. They did try to troubleshoot the problem with some basic steps:

1.    Restart the decoder (turn off, turn on)
2.    Tighten the connection to the coaxial cable (which is connected to the Dish)
3.    Check the signal strength ( mine is in the green)
4.    Download again all the channel list.

And, as I expected my problem is not solved (as I have done it so many times). The customer service said that they can send in a technician to check whether the decoder or the dish is having problem. At first I do want to agree, but then I cancel it when I learned that I have to pay RM50 for service charge (excluding the parts that they repair).

Well based on my mom, Astro technician has changed the decoder like 3 times, and each time they will charge RM100++ and the best thing is that the warranty is only 3 month. I went online to search for a solution when I stumble around some information that to me is quite useful.

Lucky for me, there are people selling second hand Astro decoder in Lowyat.net forum, ranges from RM50-RM90 (depends on the model and depends on your luck). They have this black model (Philip, Nokia or Beyond) and silver model (which I don’t know what brand). And so after further readings regarding my signal problem, I have to assume that decoder is more likely to have problem than the dish (since I don’t have any other decoder to test and make sure what is the cause of the problem).

After some thinking, I went out and bought the decoder.  The transaction went smoothly; the seller was nice to share some knowledge about the decoder and stuff.

I rush back to install the decoder, my heart goes badabump-badabump-badabump. And voila, I got my channel back (for a price of RM75), if not I have to spend nearly to RM200 for the damn technical service.

The New Used Decoder

My Old Decoder

It’s worth the money (it’s cheap), and at least I can enjoy the channels that I subscribe without any interruption (No Signal). Honestly I don’t know how long the decoder will last, but I don’t care. As long as people still selling the used decoder at a cheap price, I am safe.