Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks

I am a big fan of carbonated drinks, especially Diet/Light Coke and Pepsi Max (0 Calorie drinks).  It is more precise to say that I am addicted to it even though I know how dangerous it is. Mainly the cause of the problem is Aspartame, which is the artificial sweetener that is being used in those drinks, and some product.

In this topic I would like to share the side effect of consuming excessive amount of soft/carbonated drink especially the one that contains artificial sweeteners, which in this topic I will focus more on Aspartame.

Side effects for consuming excessive amount of soft drink:

1.       Decreasing bone’s health – causes osteoporosis and weak bones due to phosphoric acid in the drinks; displace calcium from the bone, lowering bone density.

2.       Oral health

3.       Obesity (high in sugar)

4.       Addictive

5.       High acid and high sugar leads to dental decay.

6.       Causes heartburn.

7.       Not good for pregnant woman – can lead to miscarriage.

8.       Very high in sugar (normal soft drinks) – Leads to obesity.

Side effects for consuming excessive amount of soft drink with Aspartame:

1.       Disruption of sleep patterns.

2.       Cancer.

3.       Sexual dysfunction.

4.       Memory loss.

5.       Interfere with the growth of fetus brain.

6.       Migraine / headaches.

7.       Stomach discomfort.