The title is as the same as the book, that I am currently reading on. Well, to be frank, I don’t see any other title that can describe how magical this food is. The food is referring to ‘Chia Seed’.

What so magical about this seed. It is an ancient food, which got a lot of benefits. And how many you need to consume per day? 2-3 TABLESPOON FOR AN ADULT, 1 TEASPOON FOR A CHILD!!

You need to soak it in a cup of water. For some they just put in a bottle, depends on how many that you want to do. Basically is one table spoon for a cup of water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, stir it up briskly to avoid the clump. You will see afterwards, the seed become jellyish, due to it’s a ability to absorb water. (7 times of it’s weight). Some people just soak it in the night before sleep, and drink it straight when they wakes up.

Chia Seed

The Benefits

  1. It gives more energy and endurance – even Milo Sarcev using this seed during his training.
  2. Richest in Healthful Oil – rich in high quality unsaturated fatty acids, which leads to lower cholesterol level and makes our heart better.
  3. High in Omega 3 oil – Helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
  4. High in Vitamin B.
  5. High in Calcium. Roughly 100 grams of Chia contains 600mg of calcium, contrasted with 120mg of calcium in 100 grams of milk.
  6. High in Boron – helps woman who in PMS, and good in metabolizing calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus in the bone and for muscle growth. And also a natural supplements for Estrogen replacement.
  7. Helps in hormone modulation for woman.
  8. High in fiber, thus helps the digestive systems, detoxify your body and it makes you feel full longer.
  9. Powerful brain booster – increase in memory, alertness, and attention.
  10. A good anti cancer food.
  11. High in Antioxidants.
  12. Good for skin complexion.
  13. Maintain / lower down blood sugar levels.
  14. Good for your joints.
  15. Raise up metabolic rate.

Pretty lot benefits for a tablespoon or two of seeds eh?

The history of Chia Seed

It is an ancient royalty food for the Aztecs. And also the food for other ancient race;Mayas and Tehuantapecs. Most people calls it the warrior food, as with a tablespoon of this seed, the people can run, or hunt without foods for more than half a day.

Even though the name does sound like some Chinese, but it is actually from Mexico.

About me and Chia Seed

I encounter about this food from an old Chinese guy who work as a remisier. We always discuss about health food and one day he suggests to me Chia Seed. He said it is a super food. My fascination towards this seed started from there, googled about it here and there. Reading about the benefits, and where to get it in Malaysia, it is expensive to get it shipped from abroad. I want to get one; I want to experience this food. And so now, I am among the few sellers who sell it.  It’s a good food, with a lot of potential, and it’s a pity that we can hardly see the seed to be sell here in Malaysia.

Chia Seed for Sale

Like I said earlier, I do sell this seed. I am more towards in introducing this super food to people here in Malaysia. To me the price is affordable compare to other supplements out there.

Weight : 300 grams
Price : MYR 60 (COD), MYR 68 (Postage)
Location : KL / Setiawangsa / Petaling Jaya
Contact Details:
Phone : 019-2664972