Energy cream, never knew such product exist, never see them before, and now, I am quite surprise such product exist. It is not being sold here in Malaysia (not that I aware of), I got this sample cream from Singapore, it’s among the TNF 100 goodies (Thanks Kash).

Want to try it today but it’s being raining hard since 0530. Based on the information printed behind the box, it contains Ribose, Creatine, Creatine and Caffeine. Wow, the component is all power juice.

Using a Transdermal Technology, the cream penetrate directly to the targeted muscles, giving you boost of speed, strength and endurance. And it helps on recovery. Wow, wow and SUPER WOW.

Pity that I can’t test it. Am sure is curious on how this thing works. It is available in Singapore’s Guardian and Watsons.



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