I was browsing around in Facebook when I stumbled this friend of mine from Nike. One album caught my attention. It was the Hood To Coast 2010. It’s a race held in Oregon, starts from Mount Hood, finishes at Oregon Coast.

Hood To Coast 2010 - Start

Hood To Coast 2010 - Start

 Hood To Coast 2010 Finish

Hood To Coast 2010 Finish

Can’t help but smiling looking at the picture, remembering last year when I was selected to join Nike for that race. I can never believe that I went to that race. I still can’t. The memories is still fresh in my head, it’s like I just got back from the States yesterday.

It’s a week trip to Portland, well minus the 3 days traveling of course. The experience is priceless, being able to race overseas, which a chance that I hardly can get. And Portland is a beautiful place, and the people are friendly.

I can still remember the suspense waiting for the Visa, whether I can get it or not. Well lucky for me, I got through.

The journey starts from KL to Korea; transit there for few hours, then straight to San Francisco (manage to take the train system and walk around there), finally to Portland.

The days at Portland was enjoyable, a first time experience for me for everything.

Just after Aik Leong and Duane (guys from Nike) pick me up at the airport, we went to Target to buy some food, soon after that, we went for dinner and then they send me to my hotel which in Hotel Monaco Portland.

Due to jet lag, I can hardly sleeps. The next morning I spend my time jogging around the area, went running SW Naito Parkway.  The view was awesome, and I couldn’t break a sweat, as it is cold there.


Morning Run in Portland


Me Running

Went back after the run and met some more guys from Nike from all over Asia and some guest runner who will be my team mates in this run.  We went for breakfast, after that shopping at Nike Employee Store, then a run / tour at Nike’s HQ in Oregon.  The day ends with dinner at a restaurant.


Nike Employee Store


Nike Run Tour


Nike HQ Tour

Nothing much happens on the next day, we went for food supply shopping, buying some necessary things for the race. Later in the evening went back to Nike HQ for some Carbo Loading Party (or so I called it) for the Hood To Coast. The day ended with dinner and team briefing at a house, which I forgot on who owned it, if I’m not mistaken, it belongs to this Nike staff in Oregon.


Carbo Loading @ Nike HQ


Carbo Loading @ Nike HQ


Team Briefing

Next 2 days was the race it self.  Like I said earlier, this is one hell of a first time experience. This is where I ran the fastest 12km run.  Been running in the coldest temperature ever, and ran at the most darkest place ever, so dark that my small bicycle light is kind of useless. I have to rely on the light from the car that were driving around. There’s one of the leg that I have to run at some farming area of Portland. The last leg is the most memorable run, the run to the beach. It’s cold, and foggy. Like running up to Genting, except it is all the way flat and cold.


Running The Last Leg


Lai Hui San Run in Cold Fog

This great journey ends the day after the run finish. I have to catch an early flight to Malaysia (Portland – San Francisco – Korea – Malaysia).


Team Picture

The Medal

The Medal

This one great experience for me, being able to run overseas, to a place where I know I couldn’t afford to go.  Meeting great friends, Jaime (The Bull Runner), Jeannette Wang, Andrew Kwong, Aik Leong, Duane, Hui San, Andrew Poole, Victoria Campbell, Han Sern, Andrea Goh, Jerry Teo, Jeffrie Chendana, Choco. Some of them are guests (like me), most of them are Nike’s Staff.

All thank you to Nike to send me there.